Mérida, capital city of Yucatán, is a meeting place of Mayan, Creole and Mestizo cultures. It is an eternal source of inspiration for poets and singers in love with their city´s streets, its downtown, its tradition of good manners and helpfulness. Yucatán is a warm and lovely land that welcomes with sincere joy all who arrive from near or far places to experience and enjoy the fascination for this land of the pheasant and white tailed deer. Amidst the nostalgic atmosphere of a beautifully restored and decorated colonial home, across from the historic Santa Lucía Park, the restaurant called La Chaya Maya offers the traditional dishes characteristic of Yucatecán food, as well as surprising and delicious variations on the peninsular gastronomy. Our cuisine is a banquet of smells and flavors, a fusion of memories and feelings and taste. Pumpkin seeds, maize, chili peppers, chaya and annatto seeds glowing in red tones take you back to the origins of the Mayan people.

Add the gifts of the East, cinnamon, pepper, and the many aromatics and spices. Blend in garlic, various sausages, oranges and the fusion of Arabia and Castile that came along with the Conquest. All of these ingredients are only an outline for the enormous potential of Yucatecan food, its unsurpassed capacity for transforming seemingly simple ingredients into a sumptuous meal. Among the indigenous elements of the Mayab region, the humble chaya leaf stands out. In addition to its excellent flavor, it is of such great medicinal and curative properties that old cooks who know the ancient ways say that to harvest a chaya leaf you must first ask for its permission. In the same manner we ask your permission, dear visitor, to offer you our willing service and diverse menu, with the certainty that you shall return to La Chaya Maya, your home.