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Mérida, the one from Yucatán. An enclave of creole and mestizo culture. An eternal source of inspiration for troubadours in love with the streets of its city, its historic center, its tradition full of good and helpful people.

Yucatan is a beautiful and warm land that welcomes with sincere joy those who come from distant places, and get to experience the fascination for this territory of the pheasant and the deer. 

In the nostalgic atmosphere of an old mansion located in the historic Santa Lucía Park, La Chaya Maya restaurant offers you the traditional, emblematic dishes of the Yucatecan cuisine, as well as surprising and delicious variants of the peninsular cuisine. Our food is a banquet of scents and flavors, of a fusion between feelings and memories. Pumpkin seed, corn, chili, beans, chaya and achiote that take you back to the origins of Mayan people.

Cinnamon, pepper, and all the aromatic spices that the East brought with them along with the garlic, sausages, orange, and the Arab and Castilian mix that arrived with the Conquest. All of this states, yet does not underappreciate the enormous prodigality of Yucatecan cuisine, as well as its colorful ability to transform simple ingredients into magnificent food. Among the indigenous elements of the Mayab region, the humble chaya leaf stands out. With great medicinal and healing properties, yet a wonderful taste, the old cooks say that you have to ask for permission to harvest the chaya leaf. 

In the same way, we ask your permission, dear visitor, to let us offer you our careful service and diverse menu. We are certain that you will return to this, your home, La Chaya Maya.

Panucho de Pavo

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